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    Just before my sixth birthday my family moved from south London to a small rural town in the home counties. The house that became home was very close to a stream and on the opposite side of town this stream joined forces with another to become a river. Grown up brothers let me join in with their fishing outings and fired my imagination with stories of the wonders that lurked beneath the surface, as well as the ones that had got away of course. Exploratory walks and fishing trips to the source of the stream and to its confluence across town in the company and care of an older sister enthused me further, and it is fair to say that I have felt an inner resonance when near to water ever since.


    My education in the art of the angle was very much a trial and error affair with the initial emphasis on error, so it was just as well my self taught journey started when I was young I guess. Quite quickly I discovered that there was as much pleasure in the act of angling as in the actual landing of the prize, and a fairly thorough exploration of methods and tackle both old and new grew into an appreciation of the extra satisfaction derived from all things traditional. While man made materials are efficient, in my humble opinion the pulsating fight of a good fish felt through a split cane rod is quite simply on another level. Combine that with a centrepin and a good float to look at while you wait for that bite and you have found the reason that I feel such a pull back to the waterside.


    Five decades later the learning curve is flatter but never ending. I firmly believe there is very little new under the sun so while not trying to re-invent the wheel every float I create refers to and is inspired by time honoured and tested designs. Traditional and natural materials are selected with care, quality and suitability for the task being the most important element in the process. Fashioning and finishing is all by hand. Line eyes are hand coiled from brass wire, whipping is fine silk. Protection from the elements comes with the application of a very clear and hard wearing lacquer.


    My sincere hope is that as a compliment to your fishing experience these floats bring you as much satisfaction to look at, hold and use as they have given me in their construction.    


                                                                                                          Paul Chapman



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